The Early Career Higher Education Researchers (ECHER) network was established to respond to the need for early-stage higher education researchers to have more opportunities to gather, meet, network and collaborate. ECHER is a network for early career researchers in the interdisciplinary field of higher education research, institutional research and researching higher education practitioners. In particular it responds to a sense that more international-level dialogue and collaboration would be fruitful. ECHER therefore creates a international hub for, and gives a voice to, early career researchers and those who have just started researching higher education. ECHER members may well be members of national networks and associations as well, and go onto join a range of other networks as they progress. ECHER is a web-based network and therefore aims to collaborate closely with existing national and international associations to offer more targeted support to early career researchers.


ECHER collaborates with:

CHER – Consortium of Higher Education Research: http://www.uni-kassel.de/incher/CHER/Welcome.html
EAIR – European Association for Institutional Research: http://www.eair.nl/EAIR/about.asp
ERA-CRN –  European Research Network – Collaborative Research Network: http://eracrn.wordpress.com/