What is ECHER and who can join?

ECHER is a network for early career researchers in the interdisciplinary field of higher education research. Early career (yes, there is a career in higher education research ahead of you!) refers to people who:

Have started researching or working in the field of higher education research but have not been doing so for more than 10 years.
Particularly those who are currently working on or recently completed a PhD/ those working as Post-Docs.
It is also relevant for students writing their master thesis in the field of higher education. And who hope to continue working in HE research following their masters or onto a PhD track.

People in the status of a professor (tenured or not), including assistant professor or junior professor, are not considered to be early career researchers. But get in touch if you want to be involved in some way!

ECHER was founded as a European based network with international perspective. Therefore not-Europe based ECHERs are welcome as well. ECHER is not meant to replace national networks. It is a supplement to facilitate communication among ECHERs in Europe and beyond.

How to become a member?

At the moment ECHER is not formally connected to any association in higher education research. Therefore no membership fees are charged. As ECHER is a moderated network for early career researchers in higher education research and to keep track of who is taking part in the ECHER network we kindly ask you to fill in the “application” form below. The information will be only accessible to the members of the organising committee and will not be passed on.
In the “application” form (please download below as rtf) your interest in higher education reserach, e.g. dissertation or work, should be made clear.

Application Form