Upcoming events:

  • EAIR, Duisburg-Essen:  Aug, 27-302014
  • UACES, Cork (CRN on ERA and EHEA): Sept,  1-32014
  • ECPR, Glasgow:  Sept,3-6, 2014
  • EAIE, Prague:  Sept 16 – 19, 2014
  • ECER, London: 22-Sept (9am) – 26 Sept (5pm) 2014
  • Going Global 2014, Miami -
  • EGOS 2014, Rotterdam, July 3-5
  • ASHE 2014, Washington DC, November 20-22


Past Events 

ECHER at CHER 2013 | September, 8
11:00 – 13:00 Think tanks on issues of interest to early career researchers
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch **
14:30 – 15:30 Guest speaker: Manja Klemenčič *
Harvard Graduate School of Education and Centre of Educational Policy Studies at
University of Ljubljana
Lecture: How to get published in journals and tips on improving your
academic writing…from the vintage point of the European Journal of Higher
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 18:00 ECHER business (e.g., update on tasks; choose way of electing committee
members; choose member representative on CHER board)
19:00 – Welcome dinner **


ESF- ECHER Colloquium Higher Education and Society: Implication and Effects | 2013 April, 13-14 

The goals of this colloquium were twofold:

  • To provide structure to these debates and to facilitate more focused discussions on issues like:  i) diversity and change of university systems: cultural, policy and economic challenges; ii) HE as a field of research; iii) academic ability and new forms of knowledge creation; iv) challenges on comparative and collaborative studies on Higher education.
  • To stimulate international cooperation among participants.


Workshop Introduction to Doing Institutional Research: Young Researchers and the Practices of Institutional Research
Location: University of Stavanger, KA House, Room U 053

Dawn Geronimo Terkla (Associate Provost, Office of Institutional Research & Planning, Tufts University, USA)
Peter Hoekstra (Director of Institutional Research, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Rachel Sweetman and Christian Schneijderberg (ECHER)

This “EAIR Special Interest Group (SIG)” is a workshop that combines an interactive introduction in institutional research and a meeting of early career researchers in the field of HE. Topics will be:

  • sources of IR, such as the enormous mountains of administrative data, often not been used for research. As Mantz Yorke once wrote: There’s gold in them there hills!
  • techniques of unpacking these databases. How to get them, how to use them.
  • relation to senior HE-management, the sense of timing to have impact
  • ways to present information outside the research arena: bulletins, fact files illustrated with graphs.

for further information see the EAIR Forum website (external link)


Prior to the Belgrade CHER 2012 conference (external link)

Celebrating the 1st birstday of ECHER


Preliminary PROGRAMME

SATURDAY 8th September 2012:

15h00 Welcome

15h30: ECHER: answering the needs of early stage researchers!
Short and long term goals of ECHER: How it was created, purposes regarding the current “state of the art” in higher education research for early-stage researchers.
Yurgos Politis (ECHER organising committee)

16h00: Connecting early-stage researchers on international level
Open discussion on aims and functioning of ECHER
world caffee (lots of Brainstorming and group work)
Bojana Culum (ECHER organising committee)
Invited guests: Prof. Dr. Christine Musselin (Centre de Sociologie des Organisations University Sciences Po, Paris, France), Dr. Anna Kosmützky (International Centre for Higher Education Research INCHER, University of Kassel, Germany) and Dr. David Hoffman (visiting professor University of Cologne, Germany; researcher at University of Jyväskylä, Finland; Chair of the Council for International Higher Education, of the Association for the Study of Higher Education)

18h00 End of session

19h00: Dinner celebrating the 1st birthday and official foundation of ECHER
(at own expenses)

SUNDAY 9th September 2012:

10h00: (Re-)inventing cooperation: Methodology and experiences of cooperative research
the role of comparison in research. It questions in particular the construction of knowledge in and through international (comparative) research projects. new and emerging ways of collaborating; is collaboration only a buzzword? What motivates collaboration and who is collaborating; communication and social proximity
by Dr. Jonathan Drennan (University College Dublin, Ireland)

11h30 Coffee break

11h00: Hands on Comparison: Petcha Kucha
Presentation of specific examples with specific research projects.
Session coordinated by a member of the Committee and engage some of the participants.

13h00: Lunch
(at own expenses)

14h00: On growth and form: academic writing, publishing and the process of writing a paper
by Jussi Välimaa (editor in chief of Higher Education; Professor of Higher Education Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland),
Sharing experiences: “my first international journal paper”.

15h45: Coffee break

16h00: ECHER Café
A member of the committee presents the results of the questionnaire and puts them into discussion in order to get feedback and draw tangible conclusions.

17h30: End of day



ECHER’s formation and activities for 2011/2012

The ECHER network was initiated just before the CHER 2011 conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. An initial meeting was held, involving 25 early career researchers, including those from: Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, England, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Canada and the US.

It was agreed that ECHER should be set up, to responds to our shared interest in:

  • Linking up with other researchers in the field, to exchange ideas, skills, build links and collaborations (via a mailing list and networking platform/website).
  • Share experiences, both of disciplinary and research issues and the process of academic training and development.
  • Providing a voice for early-years researchers in this very broad and diverse area.
  • Developing comparative perspectives and projects by building links with those with experience from other HE systems.
  • Create a membership directory.

We will further develop the network and formalise it (elected a board, clarify aims and activities etc.) at our first meeting, provisionally planned for next summer, around the time of CHER 2012 conference in Belgrade/Serbia.