Three years, one manuscript, and hundreds of CVs later: a higher education journals and conferences database


This post chronicles a multi-year journey I embarked upon as a doctoral student: a journey to create a database of higher education journals and conferences. It all started in fall 2016, during my first semester as a Ph.D. student in higher education leadership at The University of Texas at Austin […]

Satire, Resignation and Anger around Higher Education Rankings and Wankings


For a while now, university rankings have been intensely debated all over the world. Despite the prevailing sentiment among academics that rankings are harming the academic profession, the actual resistance to this practice is – at best – scattered and not sufficiently heard, especially at the international level, which is where the most influential of rankings are produced.

Networking or “networking”? SRHE from an early-career researcher’s perspective


SRHE International Conference on Research into Higher Education is an annual event, organised in Newport, South Wales every December. Before the main conference, which takes place from Wednesday to Friday, there is a Newer and Early Career Researchers Conference organised on the day before. This is an excellent arena for early career researchers to […]